Coaches all around the United States are starting to implement The Frog in their normal Day to day training Programs


THE FIRST 100 TEAMS“That’s correct… 100 teams!” – and only the first 100 that contact Frog Fitness online and fill out the form for our free “Frog Fitness High School Trial” will qualify for shipment of five Frogs pending credit worthiness and approval. Your Frogs will come with a 90-day suggested workout plan. Customized Frogs in your schools colors and logos are available upon request.

For this trial time, you will not be charged one red cent! All Frog Fitness asks is that you work with our in-house trainers to record how dramatically The Frog has improved your athletes’ performance as well as assisted with injury prevention and rehabilitation.

At the end of 90 days:

  1. Repack your trial Frogs in the original packaging, request they be picked up, and pay absolutely nothing! (And receive a special recognition plague for being the first to ever do so!), or...
  2. Pay the invoice for the five you have and order any additional units that you may need, or...
  3. Miss out on this phenomenal “Zero Risk” opportunity, and after you are beaten so badly by the teams that took us up on our offer, then order when you are ready.“Remember what Jimmy Johnson said, never have truer words been spoken!”

It is hard to believe but there was a time when many teams did not see the advantage in having tacking sleds, protein shakes, nutritional supplements, a modern-day weight room, or even a proper diet to achieve optimum fitness and results.

Imagine the advantage you would have playing against teams that still don't believe in using any of the aforementioned products or methods … That is the type of difference the Frog can make for your team this season and going forward.

Let’s face it: the pros can buy whatever they want. There is a reason why so many are buying the Frog … The darn thing works!

We can't wait to show you how making The Frog part of your daily training program will improve the strength and stamina of your high school athletes. Not only will it increase their performance capacity... it will do so in a way which lessens their chance of injury. At Frog Fitness, we understand that injury prevention and rehabilitation is paramount to a thriving team set on championship style success!

Act now so your team experiences THE FROG benefits from day one of the 2017 football season! Our zero cost trial period means you have nothing to loose except training time if you wait!!!

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  • High School Special Offer - Terms and Conditions:
    • Each qualified school must accept a 90-day purchase order.
    • Orders without customized team colors and logos will be shipped immediately.
    • Please allow three to four weeks for Frogs customized with team colors and logos. All logo artwork will be provided by you.
    • Invoice is due and payable 90-days from receipt of your Frogs
    • If not completely satisfied with your FROGS simply place them back in the original packaging, then contact Steven Robledo at (844) 837-6443 and he will schedule a pickup.
    • All products come with a full one year warranty.
    • Financing available. Call Bob Armstrong at (303) 591-2029 to discuss.
    • Frog Fitness Inc will be authorized to contact you via email, phone or any other form of communication for product updates and promotions.