Frog Fitness Training Center is the Ultimate Training Facility

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  • FrogField
  • Cardio
  • FreeWeights
  • GroupTraining
  • Isolation
  • MMA
  • TireFlip
  • Cables
  • PowerLifting
  • Box Jumps
  • KettleBells
  • Plyometrics
  • Bleachers

Frog Fitness Training Center

Frog Fitness Training Center is like no other place you've ever trained! We are excited to share our state-of-the-art 12,000 square foot center!  It was built for fitness enthusiasts and athletes everywhere wishing to visit and experience "The Frog", also known as the single most effective total body training device ever invented! Our Training Facility features a 4,000 square foot AstroTurf Field where members and visitors will find everything they would normally discover in a fully functioning fitness center plus a whole lot more!

The heart and soul of our Training Center is Frog Field where multiple Frogs can be utilized for anything from warm up exercises to High Intensity Interval Training as well as Strength Training! The Frog is completely scalable making it possible for beginners to highly seasoned athletes to experience it’s plethora of uses and fitness benefits! Furthermore, it can be adapted to fit any portion of your training program. Like our Chalk Wall says, “The Frog will be the worst fun you ever had!”

Right next to Frog Field, visitors will find a full set of Bleachers installed with multiple purposes in mind. They can be used to complete an amazing plyometric workout or to warm up before moving on to your regular training session.  Even better, are the seminars that Frog Fitness Training Center host by bringing in all manner of fitness industry experts. Our speakers stand in front of bleachers packed with eager minds wishing to gain knowledge concerning the fitness industry. Seminars range from nutrition, supplementation, specific training programs, entrepreneurship, and numerous other topics. Please see a Frog Fitness staff member for more information and put a bug in our ear if there is a subject you hope to learn more about.

We provide a scannable key tag for quick access.  We also provide a complementary Frog Fitness Training Center mobile app that is compatible with both android and apple devices. The app allows you to schedule classes and maintain your membership while on the go.
Then we have, The Pain Chamber, which is a room equipped with a massage table for trigger point therapy. In front of the Bleachers, we offer every training tool necessary to increase mobility and stability. These include such tools as Bands, Med Ball, Bosu Ball, Foam Rollers, Mobility PVC, Yoga Mats, Cones, and Lacrosse Balls, to name a few. At the right side of the bleachers is  a “Step and Repeat” where you can take before and after shots or pictures with visiting celebrities. The back wall has our cardio equipment, which includes treadmills, stair climbers, elliptical machines and air bikes. The Frog is right next to them for people who enjoy super setting with cardio.

What we call the “Big House” features everything you’d find in full functioning fitness center. Dumbbells (5-150 lbs), Four Station Cable Crossover, Free Style Adjustable Benches, Straight Bar Pyramid (10-100 lbs), Curve Bar Pyramid (10-100 lbs), Incline Bench, Flat Bench, Decline Bench, Squat Rack, Two Multi-Functional Squat Racks, Two Dead-lift Platforms, Smith Machine, Two Leg Press Machines (one shoulder loaded and one feet loaded), and we even offer Tire Training on the incline ramp out back.

Mirrors start on the office wall and wrap all the way around to the warehouse wall. We also have a section that has mirrors on three sides. Additionally, our Training Center has four bay doors that will be opened up on cooler days for a refreshing breeze! Our cardio equipment is facing one of the bay doors for your viewing pleasure.

Notice the flow! Warm up with The Frog, work mobility and stability, then hit the Training Center!

Our aim is to please all fitness devotees! We offer something for everyone and if there is something missing you can bet we’ll offer it soon! Please come and savor the benefits of our brand new Hi-Tech Frog Fitness Training Center!