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American Fit Expo from Frog Fitness Live Testimonials

We started to get worried as we heard that many of the title sponsors were backing out of the event due to inclimate weather. The Houston area had been flooding off and on for the past few weeks so nobody really knew what the turnout would be for this first time event called The American Fit Expo.

We pulled our rig in and began to set up in a small ballroom that hosted a prom the last time we were there for The Ironman event, so again we aeren’t really sure if we would get our money’s taking a chance as a title sponsor for the AFE.

We were situated near two of the biggest names in the industry, Kali Muscle and CT Fletcher and we had another big name right in the center of our booth, our spokesman Mike O’hearn with his sidekick Stryker, so the table was set once the doors finally opened Saturday morning at 10 AM with the sun shining none the less.

The crowd started to pour and we began to notice right away that this event would be different than others. You see…the internet was already buzzing with “The Frog” and people were VERY curious to try it instead of walking right past not knowing what the hell it was.

With a viral video that had received over 1M hits in less than 48 hours of a young man completing “The Jadeveon Challenge” (100 yards non stop on The Frog) people were actually really excited to come by and see this thing in person, however many were still intimidated to try it.

As per usual, I was on the microphone challenging people to come in and give it a try. I had every type of person you could imagine tentatively come in and see what the excitement was all about. There was a blind girl who was a paralympian in Judo, a 6’7’ basketball player, parkour practitioners, fitness models, moms, grandpas, entire families, Ninja warrior competitors and of course a bunch of bodybuilders and fitness models… and here is the exciting part…

EVERY SINGLE PERSON LOVED IT!!! If you need proof, watch any of the two dozen or so exciting and funny video testimonials.

If that wasn’t enough, the human leapfrog himself, Cade Cowdin (former D1 linebacker, gym owner and Frog team member) did one of his jumping exhibitions, which even stopped the great CT Fletcher form his flurry of activity, to give Cade a thumbs up as he stood atop a 75” platform after jumping on it in front of a frenzied crowd of onlookers.

As things began to settle late Sunday afternoon, the promoters of the event approached myself and Rich and thanked us for taking a chance on this first time show. “You guys were the first to step up, you had THE MOST exciting booth in the whole show and we would love nothing more than to have you back because EVERYONE is talking about The Frog. We really do think you guys have The Next Big Thing In Fitness” were the marketing director’s words.