Ironman Texas North American Championships

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Frog Fitness is the Official Sponsor of the Ironman

When my partner, CEO/Inventor of The Frog signed to be one of the title sponsors of the 2016 North American Ironman Championships I was honestly a bit concerned as to how these “elite” athletes and their coaches would respond to our product.

Don’t get me wrong, I know The Frog kicks everyone’s ass that dares get on it, but these are some of the most conditioned athletes in the entire world. These athletes run a full marathon (26.2 miles) bike 112 miles and swim 2.4 miles….that’s conditioning and I was a little concerned as to how the product we love so much would resonate with this elite group of cardio freaks.

As one would expect many of these competitors were a bit weary to try anything that may cause pain or soreness before such an important qualifying event so we then looked to their coaches for validation of The Frog.

The “Coaches Challenge” was issued as Richard and I addressed the athletes from the platform. We asked questions to the coaches and competitors like

“If you had a fitness product that would give you a competitive advantage would you use it”?

“How do you do a dry swim”

“Is a strong core important to your specific sport”?

The energy went fro “what the hell is The Frog”? To, “I need to at least pass by the booth and see it in action”

As a part of the coach’s challenge we offered a 500.00 prize to whoever won a race…Yes, you can race on The Frog! The coaches lined up, took off, got a fantastic workout…dismounted with a smile and said…..

“My athletes will be training on this thing from now on”!

“I can’t believe how hard I’m breathing after such a short workout”!

“I thought this thing was a joke, but I was way wrong”.

BAM! The validation and acceptance we were looking for happened as a result of knowledgeable, fit, passionate people actually stepping up and trying it and not “judging” it while it sat there doing nothing.

The bottom line is when an athlete, regardless of their physical dominance in their given sport, challenges their body in a way not common to their current protocol…they get stronger, more efficient, cardiovascular conditioning and so much more, especially if it’s The Frog were speaking of.

A proving ground is all any up and coming product needs. A place for the real world to determine whether or not said product deserves any consideration from the demographic you are going after. Well, so far, EVERY proving ground we have delivered The Frog to it has risen to the challenge and that challenge is challenging some of the most fit people on the planet. Let the keyboard warriors say what they will, but we are getting from behind our computers and taking this product anywhere, anytime that anyone wants to put it to the test.

Our only question now is…who will be next and will anyone ever get off it after a few short minutes and say anything other than…”shit, that thing just kicked my ass”!

Could that person be you? Only one way to find out….You feeling Froggy? If so, LEAP!

Ironman Texas

North American Championship