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The Frog is the first concurrent strength and aerobic training device.

The Frog from Frog Fitness is a Total Body TrainerThis Total Body Training Device will work every major muscle in your body, either individually to target and exhaust them, one or ALL AT ONCE! Every major muscle group simultaneously! Nothing works the entire body like the Frog! The design of the Frog allows for the user to match their specific abilities to the exercises they are performing.
So whether you’re a soccer mom getting started and wanting to tone up all over or an NFL Lineman pushing yourself to a new level, the Frog will help you reach and exceed your fitness goals.
Vertical Exercises on The FrogThe Frog comes standard with two 10 lbs resistance bands, two 20 lbs resistance bands, two 40 lbs resistance bands and two 60 lb resistance bands. The Frog allows for up to 3 bands per side so you can use as little as just 10 lbs per side for a total of 20 lbs of resistance. Or take off the 10 lbs and add just the 20 lbs on both sides for 40 lbs of resistance. Use any combination you want to match the exercise you’re doing. Want to hammer legs into submission, put on the 60 lbs, the 40 lbs, and the 20 lbs bands for a muscle shredding 240 lbs of resistance which comes standard.
The Frog™ is not about finding a user 1-rep max, it is about getting every muscle in your body maxed out and screaming as you pound out reps in either the signature horizontal position or the traditional vertical position. Get into the best shape of your life, lose weight, and feel better fast!

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The Frog Owners Manual

Here is a list of exercises you can do with The Frog.

  • Superman’s
  • Leapers
  • Core Killers
  • Mojo’s

Vertical Exercises:

  • Squats Front
  • Squat Back
  • Triceps Extensions
  • Curls
  • Good Morning’s
  • Shoulder Press Front
  • Shoulder Press Rear
  • Triceps Press
  • Upright Row
  • Upright Row Reverse Grip
  • Shoulder Raise Pronation
  • Shoulder Raise Supination
  • VM Push-Up
  • VM Core Killers
  • VM Dips

Additional information

Weight 72 lbs
Dimensions 53 × 17 × 18 in
What is Included

Front Axle
Rear Axle
Front Axle Foam Pad
Two Left Wheels
Two Right Wheels
Two 10lb Resistance Bands
Two 20lb Resistance Bands
Two 40lb Resistance Bands
Two 60lb Resistance Bands
One Removable Center Safety Pad
One Removable Removable Center Pad Wheel
Two Vertical Stabilizer Bars
Two Foot Pads
Assembly Guide

10 reviews for The Frog

  1. Mike Thomas

    I have 2 of them, love it. Super hard workout but fun. I was skeptical at first but then I tried it and it kicked my a.. in less than 5 minutes, I was sold. Had my wife try it, she’s the treadmill queen, can run on it on incline and never break a sweat. She was wiped out on the first set. It’s amazing! You have to try out to believe it.

  2. Anthony Mayorga

    I bought mine a few days ago and it’s awesome! I incorporated tire sled drags and tire flips into the workout and I was toast. I was sore in places I have not been sore in before.

  3. Mike Page (verified owner)

    I’ve had my Frog for almost a year…love it! ????????????????????????????

  4. Robert Perrine

    I love mine also. For anyone who is doubting the benefits of The Frog… there is no way you would discredit this if you had one!

  5. Trevor Christian Allen

    Bought mine. Use it 5 days a week. Absolutely fell in love.

  6. Kristy Tennant

    I have personally enjoyed utilizing the FROG for as a part of my workout program. One of the things I like most about the FROG is that it offers a challenging workout without a great deal of impact on your body. It provides you strength training as well as cardio. The FROG is an extremely versatile piece of exercise equipment.

  7. Ray Uhlman

    You have to own one to know! I would recommend it to anyone who likes a challenge.

  8. Mike Bible (verified owner)

    After watching my college wrestling teammate Mike Kocsis show his workouts using The Frog I went back and forth a few times. I went as far as putting in my order in but could not talk myself into pulling the trigger. I finally just decided it was time and did it. I am on day 2 of a planned 60 day fitness transformation and WOW. HOLY COW WHAT A WORKOUT. I can only say do it and you will not regret it. You get the craziest work out in 10 to 15 minutes. At this point I cannot wait to see what day 60 looks like.

  9. Jamie McDonald

    I have been using the frog for 4 months now and I absolutely love it! I have lost 25 lbs. and gone down 2 pant sizes! In the beginning it was a workout just to get on it because I was so out of shape! It wasn’t long before I was comfortable and loved using the Frog! I have a really bad knee and the doctor told me I couldn’t do my regular high impact workouts that I used to do. So, I just stopped working out and gained weight. Now thanks to the Frog I can get a great workout, get toned and feel like the young person I am! It has been a life saver! There are so many workouts you can do with the Frog. I can use it in my living room on rainy days, take it down my street or put it in my car to take to a track! I recommend the Frog to everyone now!

  10. daveclubine (verified owner)

    I really like this machine. It’s well designed, assembles with no tools and is really well thought out. I figured it would be difficult initially and it is. Two sets of 15 reps of the 4 horizontal movements wipe me out but I’ll improve as I go. I wanted this for ab workouts and it fits the bill.

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