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Frog Fitness Referral Network

Make money by selling Frog Fitness Products by simply giving out your Affiliate Referral Number or unique URL.

The Frog Fitness Referral Network is built to help you make some money by helping spread the word about the Frog Fitness name. We have built a strong empire and are always looking for new members to add to our network.

Let us ask you some questions...
Do you love our products?
Do you tell everyone how great your Frog really is?
Are you a trainer and do you want to make some money selling our products to your client base?
Do you want to generate a solid amount of extra income based simply on your friends / colleagues purchasing from Frog Fitness?

If you answered yes to any of these, we want you! Please take some time and fill out the Affiliate form listed below! Once registered you will be able to market our product by simply placing an affiliate code on your web site or simply sharing your unique id specific link to your clients. You can share your link via email or make it clickable through your personal trainer / company web site. It really is that simple! If your client purchases using your link, you will be rewarded with a commission based on their purchase amount after the return policy has expired and they have kept their product.

Do you have questions? Call us anytime at our toll-free number - (844) 837-6443! Or simply send an email to to discuss the opportunities that are available!