Weight Loss

Have you tried significant techniques with no weight loss results?

Total Body Fitness on The Frog can result in weight loss

Are you one of the three adults considered to be overweight?

You’ve tried gyms but can’t find time to drive there and back and spend an hour on the treadmill. You’ve tried diets but sometimes life gets in the way, and you’ve got to choose convenience over your meal plan. It’s just kind of a downward spiral, right? Well here’s a crazy question? Have you ever tried The FROG?

The FROG was designed to be the only product of its kind – a single device that works every major muscle group simultaneously, maximizing your muscular effort while minimizing your time commitments. In just 15 minutes a day, three times a week, The FROG can blast your entire body and blast the stubborn body fat you’ve been battling forever.

Studies have shown that full-body fitness routines are the most efficient use of time by engaging the entire body at once and releasing the maximum amount of testosterone. Increases in testosterone lead to increased bone mass, increased muscle size and strength, weight loss, as well as red blood cell production in both men and women. Mike Krajewski, PT, CSCS, and owner of MK Fitness in Nashville, TN, notes that “Total-body routines benefit [individuals] who are targeting strength… as well as those who are really trying to shred body fat.”

The FROG is the perfect fitness accessory for any gym, home, or office. Quick-change resistance bands accommodate any type of body in any type of physical shape. Hop on The FROG in your living room and burn as many calories in 15 minutes as you would a 2-mile run! Say GOODBYE to your waistline and HELLO to the best shape of your entire life! Lose weight and lower your cholesterol, blood pressure, reduce joint pain, kick your blood pressure meds and improve your overall quality of life!

Weight loss should be a goal for you to achieve, but not the only goal.

The Frog can help to get you there.

Newton’s first law states “An object at rest stays at rest, and an object in motion stays in motion…” So get your body in motion on The FROG and change your life today!

Strengthen your core with a Total Body Trainer

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