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From the Frog Pond...

  • in The Frog Pond
    Understanding different Body Types will help you train effectively

    Body Types – Guidelines for Building your Individual Plan

    Do our body types play a role in how we should diet? The answer may surprise you. It’s one-part art form, one-part gamble, and one-part science. Some of us live on a diet, others diet to reach a certain number on the scale or to see a specific change in the mirror. There are loads...
  • in The Frog Pond
    Running begins with human movement then to human performance followed by athletic performance

    Want to start running?

    Human movement before human performance before athletic performance. I know this sounds like gibberish but think about it: there are way too many people, athletes, and (even scarier) coaches who want to skip parts of this progression. Most people realize that we need to prioritize human performance before athletic performance, but it’s disturbing t...
  • in The Frog Pond
    Fitness goals must be set if you want to succeed.

    Getting Serious – Six Surefire Ways to Achieve your Fitness Goals

    Let’s be real. Getting into the gym can be tough. There’s time commitments, financial commitments, dieting commitments, motivational commitments, etc. Even the effort it takes to simply move the weights or sweat it out on the treadmill is a huge consideration to make. But, once you’ve gotten yourself to a place mentally where you’re ready...
Frog Fitness made it into Shero Fitness

What's the Latest Hoppin' Happening?

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    Strongman Competitor 2016

    The Frog at the Tampa Bay Strongman Classic 2016!

    The Tampa Bay Strongman Classic took place on a gorgeous sunny day with a cool fall breeze. It was the kind of day Floridians long for all year long. A perfect day for competition at Quaker Steak and Lube in Clearwater, Florida. Donnie Kiernan founded The Tampa Bay Strongman Classic in 2011 after he returned...
  • in Hoppin' Happenings
    American Fit Expo from Frog Fitness Live Testimonials

    American Fit Expo

    We started to get worried as we heard that many of the title sponsors were backing out of the event due to inclimate weather. The Houston area had been flooding off and on for the past few weeks so nobody really knew what the turnout would be for this first time event called The American...
  • in Hoppin' Happenings
    Frog Fitness is the Official Sponsor of the Ironman

    Ironman Texas North American Championships

    When my partner, CEO/Inventor of The Frog signed to be one of the title sponsors of the 2016 North American Ironman Championships I was honestly a bit concerned as to how these “elite” athletes and their coaches would respond to our product. Don’t get me wrong, I know The Frog kicks everyone’s ass that dares...
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